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Struggling to Afford Meds?

Once you find the right medication for you, a common obstacle many individuals face is affordability. Sometimes you change insurance and your medication is no longer on the "preferred" formulary. Maybe your finances change or you lose insurance and suddenly a manageable copay becomes impossible to afford. Here are some cost-saving options worth checking out:

1) GoodRx. Type your medication and the number of pills per month and "shop around" different pharmacies to find who offers it the cheapest.

2) Check out $4 med lists from Walmart

3) If you're on branded (i.e. not generic) medication, look at patient assistance programs and see if you qualify based on household income. Common ones are Abbvie for meds like Fetzima, Saphris, Viibryd and Vraylar, or Otsuka for Abilify Maintena and Rexulti. Takeda offers a program to cover Intuniv, Mydayis, Trintellix, Rozerem, and Vyvanse.

4) For branded medication, you can go directly to the manufacturer website and often find a coupon to show your pharmacist.

5) Always ask your provider about generic options which often work just as well as branded medication and are typically cheaper.

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